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  • Our way of life revolves around plants, especially variegated Monstera Deliciosas. Because we genuinely care about our clients, we provide guidance and support even after the sale. The reviews and customer testimonials that may be seen in the part below, which is about us, show how passionate and considerate we are.
  • As small business owners, we recognize the value of transparent and honest business dealings. As such, we make every effort to transport plants as swiftly and safely as we can while being honest about our ability to complete the task by the deadline.
  • Rest assured that we always have variegated Monsteras and other aroids in store if the plant you wanted has already sold out. 

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They look so pretty! The fabric is soft but the pillow is firm and solid. High HIGH quality. And shipping was pretty fast, Love it! LOVE
Jennifer Lewis
Amazing quality moss pole for my monstera albo. Arrived pre moistened. Would really recommend the website
Alicia Heart
I’m in love! Great shipping, arrived in perfect condition! Can’t wait to watch my new plant baby grow! Thank you! 🥰🥰
Juan Carlos
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Our main areas of interest include monstera, particularly the variegated Monstera Deliciosa, and other tropical native plants. The huge shape Monstera leaves of this species, which are loved by gardeners around the world, can grow up to four feet long.

Plants occasionally go through a variegation process, which is effectively a mutation and can result in types like Albo, Aurea, or Mint. Because of the constant change in variation, every new leaf is as unique as a snowflake.​​ For advice on how to look after your variegated plants visit our Plant Care page.


  • All of our plants receive a phytosanitary certificate after being examined to make sure they are free of pests and diseases.
  • In order to keep our plants happy and hydrated while in transportation, their roots are covered in damp sphagnum moss and delivered without any soil.
  • Email us for further details on the shipping procedures we take for our plants.
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