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We provide fresh and healthy plants for your space

Variegated Monstera Gardens is here to help you develop a stronger bond with plants. We come from a family of greenhouse growers that spans five generations. We make it simple to buy plants by delivering healthy, ready-to-plant plants to your door and providing you with the information you need to help your plants thrive. Plants improve the quality of life. We make it simple to grow plants.

Plants are our passion, stemming from a childhood love of growing garden herbs and produce. Now we have turned our green thumbs to growing and creating variegated Monstera Deliciosa cuttings, wets ticks and plants.

We have a deep respect for the environment, never using pesticides in our growing process and utilizing only natural soils and manures when needed. 

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Our Story

We have a long history together.

Our family were pioneers in the California horticultural sector, and we come from five generations of greenhouse farmers and floral industry inventors.

Our founder, Marry Shawn, grew up in her parents’ greenhouse learning while they built their business supplying young plants to greenhouses across the United States. During this time, they perfected how to keep plants healthy during shipment by developing a deep understanding of the horticulture supply chain.

Marry combined her family business knowledge and experience with her passion for plants to offer ready-to-plant plants directly to your home from the greenhouse.

Direct From the Garden

When you buy a monstera plant from a big-box retailer or nursery, it has likely traveled on a hot or cold truck for four weeks from a greenhouse or garden to a drafty warehouse. The plant is then transported to a store, where it is unlikely to receive the water, light, or care it requires to grow. Our plants are cared for by plant professionals and preserved in ideal circumstances at our greenhouse before being transported directly to you. So, instead of spending four weeks in an uncontrolled environment, your plant will spend three to four days traveling from our greenhouse (gardens) to your front door. This guarantees your plants will be healthy and thriving when they arrive.

Delivered to Your Front Door

Our plants are shipped with expertise and care. While plants travel from our greenhouse to your home, we’ve discovered how to keep them at the appropriate temperature, protect their roots, and keep them healthy. Our unique packaging secures plants in place, reducing soil spillage and preventing damage. The majority of shipments will arrive in less than a week, with all plants healthy, undamaged, and ready to enjoy.

All of the Direction

Once your plant leaves our greenhouse, our knowledge does not end. We’re here to answer any and all of your plant-related queries. We try to make plant care as simple as possible, from simple, specific care instructions included with your plant to real-time expert help. Please feel free to contact us by email, or chat, with any questions you may have.

The inventory is updated frequently, but if there is a particular plant you are looking for that is not in our stock, please get in touch with us via email. We will try our hardest to get you your ideal plant because we are always sourcing and cultivating new variegated plants, cuttings, and wetsticks.

Online plant shopping can be a nerve-wracking process. This is a fact. putting your hard-earned money in the hands of a remote seller in the hopes that they will deliver the variegated Monstera Deliciosa—or even any—a plant that was advertised.

You can use CashApp or Zelle, two safe payment methods, to purchase our variegated plants. According to our policy, if any of our plants arrive dead or in a condition that prevents them from being revived, we will exchange them for another plant of equal value at no additional cost to you.

We are a new, expanding company that works arduously to achieve client pleasure. We will stop at nothing to acquire your patronage and your trust.

Dad taught me to grow and cultivate houseplants, back when I was growing up on the farm in northeast Missouri. Things were much simpler in the '40s and I can't imagine what my life would be like today, had I not enjoyed the benefit of all the instruction of those early years. I planted my first flower at age 9 years and luckily it the production was a success. This gave me a strong passion and also with the benefits of monstera, I had to specialized.
Marry Shawn
Founder, Owner
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