Monstera Mint Variegated


The Monstera Mint is known by a variety of names, so I’ll put them all here so you’ll know they all refer to the same plant.

Mint Monstera
Monstera Mint Variegated
variegated monstera mint
Monstera Deliciosa Mint
Monstera Mint Variegata
Monstera Variegata Mint


Mint monstera. This plant is a subspecies of the Monstera deliciosa, as you can see. As a result, other than the distinctive light green variegations, the leaves are similarly formed.

The Monstera adansonii Indonesia, also known as the variegated Adansonii Indonesia, is another name for this plant. Therefore, the Variegated Adansonii Mint plant, not this one, is what is meant when you hear Monstera Indonesia or anything similar.

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This plant, in contrast, resembles the Deliciosa plant in shape.

That’s confusing, I admit.

Sadly, that is how the names of the plants are.

Whatever the case, this plant is extremely rare and prized as seen by its high price at auction because to its extremely distinctive pale green variegations. They have incredibly distinctive hues that are unique to them, just like the Monstera Aura.

There are a few white variegate monstera plants nearby in contrast. Nevertheless, they are still incredibly rare and costly.

The Monstera Mint thrives in bright, indirect light, just like another variegated monstera. In comparison to species with solid green leaf hues, it generally requires more light. That’s because unlike the non-variegated sections of the leaves, which absorb sunlight and take part in photosynthesis, its bright green variegations do not.

As a result, the plant requires more light to thrive and create its lovely foliage.

However, keep in mind that direct sunlight can burn the foliage. The lone exception is extremely gentle direct sun from an eastern exposure. Beyond that, the sun’s rays can only be used for about two hours at a time, and not consistently.


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