Sport variegated monstera


Variegated Monstera Aurea – Sport Variegated Monstera – Seed Grown Large Form

Mailed to the UK – UPS 2 Day Service – Handling Time 2 weeks – A complimentary Phytosanitary Certificate & heat pack will be added to your order.

Sport variegated monstera. Monstera Deliciosa is a rare variegated sport. One of the rarest varieties of Aurea is sometimes called “Monroe.” The viewer is rendered incomprehensible and dumbfounded by the breathtaking beauty of the variegation. The foliage is four-toned (quad-color) Sport is merely an abbreviation for “new” or “unique” variation. This sport’s stability is unusual and extremely hard to come by.

When taken care of properly, Monroe’s leaves can grow to be 4 feet or larger. This particular type can mature and produce seeds without the need to climb.


All of our plants are supplied without soil and come with complimentary phytosanitary certificates. We also test our soils for potato cyst nematodes while the plants are growing. We carefully package our plants to reduce the possibility of damage during transportation. To avoid leaving plants in postage warehouses for an extended period of time, we handle orders within 7 to 14 days and mail them out as quickly as possible (2–3 days). To keep roots content and hydrated while traveling, they are wrapped in wet sphagnum moss. To keep plants in position and prevent them from slamming into the sides of the sturdy, secure cardboard box, they are wrapped in biodegradable packing peanuts (and brown paper, if necessary).

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Final Words

We guarantee to you: If your plant does arrive in a completely irreparable state and cannot be rehabbed we will send you another of the same type, size, and variegation absolutely free of charge. Please note however that we have a zero return and zero cancellation policy.


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