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Variegated Monstera Gardens backs every product it sells with a thirty-day warranty that protects against any problems caused by the manufacturer. The period of time that many products are covered under their warranties extends further back than thirty days. Make sure you look at the tab labeled Warranty Information for each individual product. During the time period covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will replace any parts that are deemed to be defective. The guarantee from the manufacturer does not cover any damages that are the result of incorrect use, improper maintenance, or negligence. In the vast majority of instances, we are directly responsible for providing warranty coverage. Please get in touch with us directly through our contact us page if you find that the goods you purchased are flawed for any reason. All of the charges associated with shipping are not refundable. Unless otherwise specified by a GrowAce.com representative, the cost of shipping the item back to the company is the responsibility of the buyer. Any item that is returned to GrowAce.com that is found to be in working order will be subject to a return shipping charge, which will be the buyer’s expense, or it will fall under the terms of the return policy if one is in effect.

We are aware of the fact that time is of the essence when you are smack dab in the thick of a growth cycle. You have the option of placing a deposit on a replacement product in the event that you require a replacement product that is protected by a warranty. This will allow us to ship the replacement product to you as soon as possible. A refund of the deposit payment will be processed once it has been determined that the damaged product has been received and examined.

The warranty is invalid in the following cases:

• The product(s) in question have been altered
• The product (or products) have been harmed as a result of natural causes.
• An accident has occurred, which has resulted in the product(s) being damaged.
• The product (or products) are either stolen or vandalized.
• The product (or products) do not receive the appropriate or regular maintenance.
• The product (or products) are utilized in a manner that is not compatible with their original design.

Under the terms of the manufacturer’s defect guarantee, only the parts will be covered. The onus of determining which component is defective rests squarely on the shoulders of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for any necessary repairs or installation of new exchange components. Only damaged or broken components will be replaced.
Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or complaints concerning the shipping policy that we have in place.

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